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Zack Ryder vs Big E Langston

Although unsuccessful in his tag team bid with Dolph Ziggler at WrestleMania 29, Langston proved powerful and dominant against Bryan, and he looked to decimate Long Island Iced-Z in front of the WWE Universe in Boston. Ryder put up a valiant effort against the massive newcomer, but Big E’s unadulterated brute strength was too much for the self-proclaimed “Internet Champion” to overcome. After controlling the majority of the bout, Langston pinned Ryder for the win following his signature maneuver, the Big Ending.

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Zack Ryder, Santino Marella & R-Truth vs 3MB

All six in the ring. R-Truth on Slater, takes him down. R-Truth dances and takes Slater down with a slap. Santino tags in, dances, is slapped, Ryder tags in – as does Mahal. Ryder on Mahal hard. Ryder with a cheap shot on McIntyre, but then Mahal on him hard. McIntyre tags in, rolls Ryder in and lands a drop kick. Ryder thrown into the heel corner. Slater tags in and on Ryder with punches. McIntyre tags in and on Ryder’s arm. The camera is in the face corner with a strange view of the ring. Ryder counters and lands a neck breaker. Both are down. Santino on Slater, dances, hits his hip toss and head butt for two. Mahal breaks the count. R-Truth sends Mahal and himself out. McIntyre stops the cobra, but Santino rebounds with the cobra to take Slater down for three.

Winners – R-Truth & Ryder & Santino

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Zack Ryder, Justin Gabriel & The Great Khali vs The Shield

Khali, Gabriel and Ryder in the ring. The Shield out through the crowd to face them. Video recap of The Shield attacking Sheamus, then Orton, but Big Show cleans up the mess. Rollins on Khali with blows. Khali slaps him down, then backs him into the face corner for a chest slap. Ryder in, whipped, gets his feet up, but then Rollins beats Ryder down. Ambrose tags in and on Ryder with blows. Knee to Ryder’s gut. More blows on Ryder, then a drop kick on Ryder against the ropes. Ambrose holds Ryder and tags Reigns. Ryder comes out into a huge clothesline! Ryder lifted by his head and tossed into a corner. Reigns stomps Ryder down in that corner. Ryder comes back with a back elbow and tags out. Gabriel in and on Reigns, but Ambrose with a blind tag and a big clothesline on Gabriel. Rollins tags in and off the top onto Gabriel held in a surfboard type hold for three.

Winner – The Shield

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WWE Raw house show results
March 23, 2013
Fairfax, Va.

Zack Ryder pinned Titus O’Neil in 8:43. The Shield attacked Ryder after the match.

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WWE DigitalsScreen Captures

Mark Henry def. Zack Ryder; Henry and Ryback face off

With his WrestleMania showdown against Ryback set in stone, Mark Henry unleashed absolute destruction on Zack Ryder in a completely one-sided matchup, finishing him in convincing fashion with the World’s Strongest Slam.

But as the furious World’s Strongest Man continued to punish Long Island Iced-Z after the bell — with two more doses of his devastating finishing maneuver — Ryback stomped into the picture. After an intense staredown that spoke volumes, the “Human Wrecking Ball” delivered an epic clothesline that sent his stunned Showcase of the Immortals adversary heading for the hills. “Feed Me More!”

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WWE Raw house show results
March 16, 2013
Providence, R.I.

Zack Ryder beat Darren Young. Ryder won with the Rough Ryder. After the match, The Shield broke up Ryder’s celebration by destroying him, then cut a promo encouraging the crowd to believe in The Shield. On a side note, Young’s mannerisms were quite entertaining before and during the match.

WWE Raw house show results
March 17, 2013
Binghamton, N.Y.

Zack Ryder beat Darren Young.

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This Saturday, March 16, after a three-week search, the most exciting and fast-paced show in Saturday morning television — “WWE Saturday Morning Slam” —  gets a new General Manager! Tune in to The CW at 10:30 a.m. to find out who it is, and watch exciting new episodes of “WWE Saturday Morning Slam” every Saturday at 10:30 a.m.!

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Zack Ryder vs. JTG

Zack Ryder defeated JTG with the Rough Ryder.

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Related LinksScreen Captures | Digitals

Mark Henry def. Zack Ryder

With WrestleMania 29 in his backyard, Zack Ryder potentially needed a big win in Buffalo to ensure his place on the card. That moment may yet come for The Ultimate Broski, but the former United States Champion found himself on the receiving end of Mark Henry’s wrath in a brave, and ultimately futile, effort to topple The World’s Strongest Man. Ryder’s heart shone through in the gutsy endeavor, but Long Island Iced-Z was simply overpowered by the former World Heavyweight Champion and plastered onto the canvas with a World’s Strongest Slam for a decisive 1-2-3.


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Screen Captures

Damien Sandow vs. Zack Ryder

Sandow gets out of an armbar and takes Ryder to the mat and gloats. Ryder comes back with a near-fall and an armdrag. Sandow complains in the corner as we go to break.

Sandow brings Ryder in off the apron with a suplex as we return to action. Cody continues to show his approval. Sandow connects with the Elbow of Disdain but we see Cody rise and clap instead. Ryder kicks out and Sandow complains. Ryder starts to come back and hits a missile dropkick out of the corner. Ryder drops Sandow in the corner in preparation of the Broski Boot and Cody gets on the apron to provide distraction. Sandow rolls Ryder up from behind and grabs the tights for the win.

Winner by pin: Damien Sandow

Back from a break as Sandow approaches an irritated Booker in his office about the GM position. Ryder interrupts followed by Dolph Ziggler with AJ and Big E. Ziggler says they are wasting their time because he and AJ will be co-GM. Natalya enters in her power suit and says the show does need a woman’s touch but should be her. Enter, R-Truth, presumably with Little Jimmy. They all argue and are interrupted by, “NO! NO! NO!” Daniel Bryan points at all of them with his slicked hair and says, “NO!” He asks, “Should the Dazzler Daniel Bryan be the GM? YES! YES! YES!” Everyone goes back to arguing as Bryan screams and Booker T escapes from the madness.

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Wrestlemania in the NY area: ”It’s cool that it’s in New York/New Jersey, basically in my backyard, but I’m not on it. It kind of sucks. I got all my friends and family who are going to be there and they are expecting to see Zack Ryder on the show and as of now he is not on it. So that part of it is heartbreaking. It’s still going to be a great show with Rock and Cena. It’s going to be one of the best Wrestlemanias of all time.”

His rough year in 2012: ”2011 was the rise of Zack Ryder. I started my YouTube show out of just frustration. The beginning of the year I was a nobody, not even on TV. Through the course of the year from doing the show and being active on Twitter and on Facebook, and then ending the year as U.S. champion. I really thought 2012 was going to be my year and as you saw, it really wasn’t. Kane threw me off the stage and off loading docks. Eve kicked me in the bro-nuts at Wrestlemania and from there I was just forgot about. I was losing all the time, barely doing anything on the shows. 2013 better be different. It can’t be worse than 2012.”

The demise of Z! True Long Island Story: ”Well when I started it, I knew something had to be done. I hated my stock in the WWE. I was a nobody. I wasn’t on the shows. I didn’t even have an action figure. I didn’t have an 8×10 promotional photo. So as far the YouTube show, in February of 2011, my parents got me the flip camera for Christmas. I really didn’t know what to do with it. Maybe I will just start a YouTube show and it kind of took off. I did it for a hundred weeks straight. It should have ended after 50. After I became the U.S. champion, WWE came to me and said ‘we want to move this to our YouTube channel.’ I was really hesitant to do it and I should have said no. That was the end of the Z! True Long Island Story in my opinion right there when I made that switch to the WWE YouTube channel at around episode 51. The fans just assumed I sold out, when I was still doing all the work and putting it on their channel and they instantly turned on it. Then WWE was editing it and taking things out, even though they said they weren’t going to touch it. Then it just became a job and not fun. For the most part the last 50 were horrible, but the first 50 changed the business. Now Raw is all about social media and Tout, and Facebook and Twitter. They weren’t like that before Z! True Long Island Story.”

If WWE was open to him doing his own show: ”I was so under the radar that the WWE didn’t even know the show existed the first two weeks. Nobody knew I was doing it. I thought there was a chance I would get fired over some of the things I was saying. I just didn’t care. Steve Austin was one of the guys in the beginning who told me that “hey that was great and keep it going and keep pressing buttons. Get your voice out there” Steve was a huge help. I knew this show had to take off or I was going to be fired. One or the other. It was going to either help my career or get me fired. It got me noticed. It helped my career. I don’t regret doing it at all.”